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Mobile phones will enter into the OLED Era

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According to reports, Samsung Electronics has launched a handset with a curved display screen.Galaxy Note 7 abandoned the flat screen, adopted curved screen. Dong-jin Koh, head of Samsung Electronics mobile division, said in an interview that the curved screen display would help consumers use some of the features on the phone, including those that enable users to check information such as date, time and missed calls when home screen is off, with more ease.Samsung consider to make the surface screen to become the characteristics of Galaxy series S. Actually,  Galaxy S series may switch to the curved display screen, and say goodbye to the traditional screen.

The media pointed out that the Note 7 adopted curved screen, OLED panel market will take off.The mainstream of Smart phone in the past is the LCD display,OLED gradually become the trend in recent years.The Chinese plant Vivo, Oppo has launched OLED smart phone. From Samsung's Samsung Display OLED panel’s shipments , we also can see this trend.

IHS shows that in the second quarter of this year the OLED panel shipments of Samsung display smart phone amounted to 9838 million.occupied the first position. Chinese BOE ranked second. Third is the Japanese factory (JDI). The fourth is China Tianma factory.

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