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ESD clothes-----eliminate static electricity around us

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ESD clothes-----eliminate static electricity around us

ESD clothes sound very mysterious, it far away from our daily life. I have never heard of this product before. Until contract with the industry, a lot of staffs also need to wear anti-static clothes. Different industries have different requirements for anti-static clothing.

It is also called conductive fabric ,which is woven through the special technology.It is adopted Kanebo’s series polyester filament conductive fiber woven by warp-weft.With this kind of fabric,it has excellent antistatic and dustproof properties by special sewing process. A variety of colors and specifications could be supplied to different kinds of anti-static or clean environment, which includes class 10000 to 300,000 cleanroom’s 100D *100D strip conductive fabric ,class 1000s 75D * 100D small grid, 75D * 75Dstrip and 75D * 75D grid.

In the process of making esd clothes, Using special sewing machine, effectively prevent the release of fibers and particles. The clean adhesive tape avoids the pollution of the environment. According to the level of requirements to provide different styles, and sewing by the conductive fiber to maintain electrical continuity in all parts of the garment.;unique double-layer structure of sleeves and trouser legs so as to meet the requirements of high-level dust-free environment.

Conductive fiber is added into remove the static electricity generated by the human.Compare to other material,polyester has better corrosion-resistance,higher cotton strength and less dust generation,so it is usually the idea material for making clean clothes.