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How to test the microfiber clean wiper?

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We are doubt that how to testing cleanroom wiper when we buying it.Then,we will know about how to judge.

Methods for detecting cleanroom wiper from professional point of view:

1.Testing the content of dust.Microfiber cleanroom wiper with low dust content.

2.Testing the residues.Microfiber cleanroom wiper has less residues.

3.Testin the wear resistance of clean wiper.Microfiber clean wiper has good wear resistance.

4.Teasting the ion release of dust cloth.Microfiber cleaning wiper has low ion and particle numbers.

In addition,there has simple methods to test.

1.Wiping the fingerprints or sweat of the phone with cleanroom wiper.If you can remove it one time,it will be microfiber cleanroom wiper.

2.Wiping your mobile phone screen or glasses with clean wiper dipped in alcohol,to see whether it will leave stains and debris.Using microfiber,leave no stains and debris.

3.Under the light of the cleanroom,shake the clean wiper.The microfiber cleanroom wiper has no debris when shaking.

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