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The introduction of cleanroom wiper’s Pros and Cons

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As we all know,cleanroom wiper is widely used in cleanroom. Cleanroom wiper is made of different materials.Different materials of cleanroom wiper has different purposes. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of cleanroom wiper can help us choose the right cleanroom wiper. Then we will introduce several major categories of advantages and disadvantages:

1.All PP non-woven cleanroom wiper: it is a good helper to remove oil pollution, but the level of cleanliness is not  high, the water absorption is poor.

2.PVA Foam wiper:PVA wiper is hard when dry.It has excellent absorbency and high cleaning efficeiency.It gets extremely soft when wet with water enabling it to efficiently eliminate contamination without scratching or damaging the surface being cleaned Using only with water, otherwise it is hard and can not wipe.

3.Woven Polyester-Nylon wiper:Strong ability to remove the residual glue and weak ability to remove the dust particles.

4.PU Foam wiper: efficiently eliminate contamination,but not durable, easily fall off fiber.

5.Cotton wiper:Great abrasion and heat resistance.High absorbent. It is not suitable for the million above the level of the clean room with low level cleanliness.

6.Knitted polyester wiper:Great abrasion,strong dust removal ability,high cleanliness.Weak water absoprtion.Usually with a hydrophilic agent.

7.Cellulose / polyester non-woven wiper: non-woven structure, efficiently eliminate contamination, suitable for removing large amounts of pollutants. Cleanliness is not high, easily fall off fibers, can not be used in a very clean environment.
8. Polyester wiper: high cleanliness, durable, poor water absorption.

9.Knitted Polyester-nylon wiper:Low dust content,excellent water and oil absorption.Soft and tough, no scratches after wiping.Very low ion and particle number.No solvent,strong dust removal ability Relatively high cost.

10.Wood pulp non-woven wiper: organic solvent resistance,strong dust removal ability,but cleanliness is not high.