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How to judge the quality of the cleanroom wiper

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 1.How to choose the type of the cleanroom wiper

a.Weight:The higher the weight ,the better.

b.Quality:the microfiber is better than the polyester cleanroom wiper.

c.Softness:The softer,the better.

d.Wear resistance:Strong wear resistance,not easy to release fiber.
2.The Edge sealing of the cleanroom wiper

There are several seal edges of clean room wiper: cold cutting, laser cutting, Ultrasonic sealing,Heat-sealed edge .Different seal edges are applied to different purposes.

a.Laser cutting:Using laser sealing,four edges are not yellow,no-easy fiber off,non deformable.It is more suitable for high-grade clean room. This way of cutting in the market now is mostly sealed by laser.

b.Ultrasonic sealing:The edge is smooth, reliable, accurate trimming, no deformation, no fluff and so on.The edge is easy to tear off after cleaning.

c.Heat-sealed edge:No easy to chip off,the edge is easy to tear off after cleaning.

d.Cold cutting: easy to chip off.

3.The testing of cleanroom wiper

1.Testing report.

2.Ion content:within the range of test standards.

3.Water absorption:conform to the requirement of the products.

4.Dust content:Low dust content.