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The correct use and cleaning of cleanroom wiper

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The correct use of cleanroom wiper

1.Pick out the bag,you need to wear cleanroom gloves and masks

2.Cleanroom wiper can be dipped in the solvent for cleaning and can also be directly used .It is convenient to use.

3.When using, the four edges of the cleanroom wipers are wrapped in the interior, and he edge of cleanroom wiper can not be contacted with the surface of the objects.

4.When using the high quality cleanroom wiper,  it must be open in clean environment to open, before open the bag,clean the packing bag, especially the opening must be kept clean and tidy.

5.When used in operation, the cleanroom wiper must be kept neat, can not rub.When moving to wipe, try to make the wiper full contact with the surface,but also make sure to wipe in the same direction, don't wipe back and forth.

The cleaning of cleanroom wiper

1.Cleanroom Wipers are laundered by 18.2MΩ DI water
2.Should use neutral detergent with warm water to clean
3.Can not use bleach and other chemical agents to clean, so the cleanroom wiper can not used longer
4.Can not use soft detergent, because the soft agent will leave a layer of thin film on the surface of cleanroom wipers, which will seriously affect the wiping effect
5.Dry in the air or dry with a dryer,do not exposure, iron.

Cleaning of cleanroom wiper