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Korean customer visit our company--Jingya

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           Yesterday ,we are honored to meet a purchaser from a photoelectric group in South Korea to come and visit our company for clean wiper and sticky mat.The purchaser is our old friend who contract with us through e-mail or telephone to resolve the relevant issues related to the supply and demand of the products.Seeing is believing.We get along well with each other.
All of our employees are warmly welcome his arrival.We arranges for a special person to go to the station to receive the customer to our company. The boss meets him in person. The customer is satisfied with such a thoughtful arrangement. When he comes our company, our boss does not get down to business with him but let the customers rest in the lounge and talk with him. Then we start our businesswith a brief introduction of our main product in the conference room. After the meeting, we show our customers our production workshop.Customers are satisfied with our neat and tidy workshop. Our boss explained him our own production process to know about our production process.They are very satisfied with our hospitality and high-end production environment.They have a strong motivation to cooperate with us.The follow-up work is still under negotiation.