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How to choose clean room wiper?

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How to choose clean room wiper?

1,If the surface temperature is relatively high,it is appropriate to choose clean cloth made of 100% wood pulp and cotton ;

2, If there are requirements for silicone, the cleanroom wiper you choose can not contain silicone;

3, If you usually wipe the dust, residue volumes,it is suitable to choose cleanroom wiper which is knitted material with large aperture. For higher cleanliness of the surface, so you need to look for high cleanness of cleanroom wiper;

4, If the main purpose is to remove grease and fingerprints, polyester and microfiber  material is more appropriate,for this kind of material wiping the surface, no scratches after wiping.It has obvious effect.

5, If you remove residuals of the surface, the woven material would be more appropriate.