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Future Development Trend of Cleanroom wiper

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In recent years, cleanroom wiper has been widely used in all walks of life. Compared with foreign countries, there is a big gap between the technology and use of cleanroom wiper in China.

High efficiency dust removal performance is one of the most obvious characteristics of cleanroom wiper.In order to expand the use of cleanroom wiper,We can increase the other performance of cleanroom wiper. Such as water absorption, solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.,so that it can be used in the laboratory to wipe acid and corrosion products and other chemicals.At present, there is no research and development of cleanroom wiper for the laboratory.

In the high-end industries such as jewelry maintenance, to remove the oxide layer of the surface of the product and stubborn pollutants, Ordinary cleaning products can not completely remove stains. So in similar to the jewelry industry, there is need for research and development of clean wipe products, in order to ensure the cleanliness of high-end products.

At present, the cleanroom wiper on the market can remove the dust and purify.There is no function of antistatic.As we all know,the static electricity does harm to the products.therefore ,ESD wiper will have a wide horizon of development in the market.

The pharmaceutical and food industry is very strict in aseptic ,non pollution environment. In the foreign market, this sterile, low pollution, high efficiency cleanroom wiper has been widely used. In the mainland market we need to guide the pharmaceutical industry,medical industry and the food industry accept this new product.

Cleanroom wiper has a very large space for development, the future of the market will be very wide.With the development of the industry, there will be more different features of cleanroom wiper designed.