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ESD shoes—keep from static electricity

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Static electricity can be seen from everywhere in our daily life and industrial, and it causes serious results and damages. companies must pay sufficiently attention to static protective measures.

Antistatic shoes are essential products in cleanroom.Jingya esd shoes are adopting electrostatic dissipative material with PU or PUV for sole, make together with upper, and then suture to make it more durable. The shoes are beautiful and compacet, especially the PU shoes, with advanced wearable abiltity,are 5 times of common PVC shoes.They are of  high quality  and are popular in home and aboard.

Mesh PU esd shoes

Mesh PU esd shoes used In Cleanroom/Antistatic shoes

Blue canvas esd shoes

Blue canvas upper ,PU outsole esd shoes

4 holes PU esd shoes

Four holes PU antistatic esd shoes