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Customer's satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

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Suzhou Jingya Clean Technology company since its establishment in 2007, the company as a whole is in the development with continuous standardization. Jingya Technology (Suzhou) company is a manufacturer of production management company with good management, it focuses on the production of few varieties, specializing in the production of clean wiper, wipe clean paper and anti-static shoes and so on.In order to cope with the challenges of mass production in recent years,Jingya Technology (Suzhou) Company purchases a large number of machines and equipments to greatly meet the needs of customer’s orders.Our customer complaint rate has been greatly reduced.We greatly raise the company's wider profile.With sincere service attitude to meet customer’s needs ,we hope to use the best service to serve domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to visit our company.Yesterday, we are very honored to meet one of the three major suppliers from India. They are very satisfied with our hospitality and high-end production environment.They have a strong motivation to cooperate withus.The follow-up work is still under negotiation.We hope to strengthen cooperationand exchanges, seek commonimprovement.Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.We will always serve you faithfully!