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Cleaning roll wiper

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Cleaning roll wiper, a dedicated terminal cleaning wipes, is designed to meet the needs of the LCD industry.The Products are made by the highest level of microfiber flat knitted fabrics weaving with flat surface, sealed by ultrasonic technology to prevent the release of fibers and particles .It has strong dust removal ability.mainly used in LCM (LCD module) and other precision instrument.
Jingya cleaning roll wiper is made of microfiber or continuous filament polyester. The wipers are cut with ultrasonic technologies to seal the edges. The wipers are packed in cleanroom after being laundered with DI water, ensuring low particle counts and ionic contents.

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The Advantages of Jingya Cleaning roll wiper:

1.Made of microfiber or continuous filament polyester with with high absorption, high wear resistance.
2.Good flexibility, strong tensile strength, smooth edge,do not scratch the surface. Ultrasonic sealing, vacuum packaging.
3.High cleanness, low residue, low pollution, strong dust removal ability.
4.Flexible, can be customized according to customer requirements.

The usage of cleaning roll wiper:
Optical instrument manufacturing, all kinds of electronics, electrical appliances, precision instruments, optical fiber manufacturing, laboratory equipment and instruments, printing, packaging machinery cleaning