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Antistatic finger cots

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As we all know,electronic components is very small,the gap between each circuit is also very narrow and the air in electronics production workshop is relatively dry.When we are in contact with the electronic components, there will be friction electrification reaction.The tiny electrostatic factor will enter into the circuit to make short-circuit.Products made of this kind of electronic components are likely to have quality problems and bring loss to the company.The anti-static finger cots are suitable for electrostatic sensitive components industry.

Antistatic finger cots are made of latex material without silicone oil, ammonia,adding antistatic compound and antioxidant, can effectively eliminate static electricity .Keep the operator direct contact with electrostatic sensitive components and discharge the body static charge.Suitable for electronic components, semiconductor, LCD, disk, liquid crystal display, circuit board manufacturing etc.

1, The tip of the finger cots is semi-circle to ease the pressure generated by the tip of finger during work;
2, Surface resistance: <10 10 , to effectively prevent the generation of static electricity.
3, Low content of the ion ,other pollutants and the residues by special cleaning .
4, Strong elastic, fully fit the hand shape, not easy to slip, suitable for fine work;
5,  Strong permeability, suitable for long time operation.
Antistatic finger cots
Antistatic finger cots1